RFID development in ELVAL S.A.

Business Effect has designed and realized an integrated RFID solution for control of receipts, deliveries and execution of fast stock taking in the central warehouse of SYMETAL of ELVAL Group. The solution has been in operation and it has met the customer’s expectations.

Fleet Management for AVIS Rent a car via RFID

Business Effect has designed and realized an integrated RFID solution for the management of the 35.000 cars fleet of AVIS.

The solution has been operating successfully in the company car station in Attica, s well as in Salonica and Crete. The solution enables AVIS to check and register all cars entering and exiting from the company car station, as well as to know where (service, preparation, body works etc.) in each station station have been parked. Also AVIS can realize quickly and effectively stock takings and searches for specific cars.

RFID in Gym

Business Effect SA has successfully installed at a health center, an integrated RFID system for its members as well as a linen management system for it’s linen. The clientele of the health center has accepted enthusiastically the new solution which combines a special long range RFID membership card to record fitness goals and linen RFID technology to allow complete monitor of the linen assets.

RFID Solution for major Educational Institution in Athens

Students have been supplied with cutting edge RFID & Magnetic Stripe enabled cards giving the educational institution unprecedented visibility.  More specifically, the system is controlled through Effective Object Management, enabling the student path detection from key entrances as well as their direction.  The collected data in combination with B.E. Effective Object Management reporting tools are a valuable tool for the institution, providing real time information to student where about.  The application will be expanded to other areas of the institution, such as library, car park, internal access control etc.

Colgate Palmolive RFID Asset Management Application

All company assets have been identified using customized RFID labels & tags, tuned specifically to the each asset’s characteristics.  Business Effect’s Effective Object Inventory was used to control company inventory processes, giving company personnel the capability for quick and accurate inventory, as well as fast data exchange with the Coalgate Palmolive’s ERP system.