RFID Solutions

Distribution Centers can now use the B.E. RFID solution that brings a new level of automation for all their material handling needs, from receiving and storage, to order picking and shipment.

The Asset Tracking & Management solution provides functionalities like asset search, inventory and history tracking in the palm of the user easy steps, always through the use of cutting edge RFID technology.

This item level RFID solution allows for visibility throughout the retail / apparel supply chain, from the DC to the retail shops. The solution provides real time and accurate order loading verification from the DC to shops, quick and trouble free receiving, item search and rapid stock taking.

This B.E. solution provides a fast and reliable garment dispatch and receipt verification between the laundry and its customers. An RFID solution that allows for a fast replenishment cycle, improved customer service and relations, while enabling a more effective garment management process and cost reduction.

The personnel management solution provides a transparent tool that helps managers know the real time allocation of their personnel. Employee level RFID implementation for reliable and automated personnel reporting, improved personnel availability, better resource allocation and improved safety.


The Waste Collection Management solution can cover the tracking and management needs of even the most demanding Waste Collection Processes. The B.E. RFID solution enables for automatic identification of waste bins assorted with their weight information, while through GPS tracks the Waste Collection Vehicles and transfers, in real time, all pertinent information about the vehicles operations to a central location for processing and decision making.

The RFID Library Management Solution is designed to offer one-stop convenience to library staff and users via RFID technology. Using the state of the art RFID technology, processes like searching, inventory, lending, returning and sorting are automated taking library services to a new level.

The Patient Safety solution uses the RFID technology for real time patient tracking, creating a link between the patient’s state and the hospital’s information system. The solution allows for the automation of administrative tasks like admissions, transfers and discharges while providing an unprecedented level of security to all ‘sensitive’ patients.

The Document Tracking solution is required when there are important documents that need to be searched and tracked quickly. By reducing search time and enabling a real-time view to the current status of every pertinent file, document tracking is made easy & hassle free.

The Automatic Vehicle Identification solution allows for the access to a facility/area or automatic tracking of a route/process of RFID enabled vehicles. The solutions extensive report capability provide a wide range of tools for management and further monitoring and analysis.